We organise cyclic seminars and training on a very wide variety of topics.


We act for improvement of ethical and professional standards in the HR area


with any entities on the Polish labour market as well as entities on the labour markets of the EU and EEA countries

Mission and purpose
which guides us

support and representation of the Members of the Association

We uphold the observance of law and assurance of the highest standards of provided services with a positive image of the industry in mind. Areas of our activity not only include support and representation of the Members of the Association and promotion of modern forms of employment, but also submission of applications and opinions on legal acts concerning the matters related to the operation of an employment agency to entities holding legislative initiative.

How we act


we represent the interests and protect the rights of our members


we counteract and fight unfair competition on the labor market


we create a platform for cooperation and exchange of experience


we work with public administration entities, labor market institutions, trade unions and associations as well as dozens of enterprises and hundreds of specialists


we operate actively and dynamically in response to the current needs of our Members and changes taking place in labor markets

Business training

we organize regular trainings and an annual Recruiter Academy and Manager's Academy


we cooperate with experts in the field of law and the labor market in Poland and abroad


we run internal sections for delegation, APT and work abroad, which act as specific forms of consulting and information exchange


we work with commercial entities to guarantee lower prices for services

Our members

We are proud of so many outstanding members of the association