Polish Work Agency Association OKAP is aware of the key meaning of obeying the highest professional and ethical standards. Company’s reputation and trust is one of the supreme values. Hence, the acceptance of the Code of Conduct by the companies creating OKAP, as well as respecting and monitoring members’ activities, will lead to constant improving the images of the companies themselves and moreover the branch within which the Association operates.

  1. From our members we require to respect ethical norms and care for the good reputation of the branch.
  2. Not obeying the Code of Conduct can be a reason to exclude the member from the Association.
  3. The member is obliged to have a proper certificate of Minister of Economy, Work and Social Politics, concerning the type of activity conducted.
  4. Relations between the company and workers are to be based on respect for their dignity.
  5. The worker should be acquainted with the nature of the work offered, qualifications required, predispositions and gross hourly wage expected. The worker should also be informed about the employment costs incurred, i.e. accommodation, insurance and transport, as well as approximate number of hours to be worked during the contract of employment.
  6. The company, the member of the Association, cooperates with competitive agencies honestly and is not detrimental to the renown of them.