Code of conduct

Employers’ Association Polish Work Agency Association, being aware of the key importance of observing the highest ethical and professional standards while achieving its objectives, prepared the below set of ethical and professional rules followed by its members.

In the opinion of OKAP, it is necessary to maintain basic ethical values in all activities of a company. The company reputation and its trustworthiness are the greatest values.

For this reason, adopting the Code of Conduct by companies associated by OKAP and respecting as well as monitoring its members actions shall lead to continuous improvement of the Association members’ image.

§ 1

1. The Code of Conduct (the Code) is a document expressing common aspirations of the companies forming the Association, within the scope of respecting ethical standards.

2.  Each member of the Association shall make every effort to promote the ethical standards in relations with all entities on the market.

3. Non-observance of the Code may be the reason for excluding a member from the Association.

§ 2

The associated companies should observe and act in compliance with the fundamental principles of reliability, professionalism and healthy competition.

§ 3

Polish Work Agency Association shall expect its members to observe legal regulations and reliability in the process of providing services and special care for the good name of the Association.

§ 4

1. A member companies shall honestly cooperate with competition and shall not undermine their reputation.

2. Member companies’ employees, while contacting competitive entrepreneurs and businesses,  shall avoid situations which may lead to disclosing confidential information concerning the company.

3. Member companies shall not pursue gaining profits in a dishonest manner.

4. Member companies shall not deliberately or inconsiderately formulate false or misleading statements concerning competitors and their companies or professional actions undertaken by them.

5. In relations with media, member companies shall try to express their opinion on behalf of the Association and not their own companies.

6. Member comoanies should continuously increase their professional knowledge and competences necessary to perform their professions.

7. Disputable issues concerning the member companies or a violation of the Code provisions, the Association may undertake the following actions:

• reprimand,

• limitation of voting rights,

• exclusion from the list of members for a definite period of time,

• exclusion from the Association.

§ 5

1. The Code of Conduct shall be binding for all members of the Association.

2. Member companies should prevent from situations which may lead to conflicts or pretend conflicts between the affairs of the represented company and the affairs of other members.

3. Using not publicly available information, acquired thanks to the membership in the Association, shall be considered illegal and against the provisions of this Code.